Needs More Triggerman Vol.1

Needs more Bannerman

With out further ado…we give to you Needs More Trigger Man Vol.1. This genre bending collection is the product of electronic musicians who reside in New Orleans. Bounce music is in our blood, it is our heartbeat, it’s the arch in our back, it’s the loss of composure,  all we need to shake it up,  and the excuse to let go. Give us dat B.E.A.T. and we’ll give you a show.

Showcasing a wide range of artists this album features none other than, the Queen Diva herself, Big Freedia alongside the work of seasoned performers Vockah Redu, Ricky B, Fly Boi Keno, Quickie Mart, Big Choo, Mark Caesar, and Deja Vu. Introducing Chopslee, Raspy, JC Styles, DJ_Wave, Silva, and Breezy May, this album delivers a home grown spin on a genre already making the world dance on it’s head.

Not only does this record put a spin on traditional bounce aesthetic, but Ricky B educates the listener as to why bounce history is important to New Orleans now and in the future with the perfect opening track entitled Triggerman 101. But hey, you don’t have to take my word for it. You can see the special man…or just click the link.